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The Singapore Watch Club

The Singapore Watch Club was founded less than a year ago, when me and a few like-minded watch enthusiasts got together on a Saturday afternoon to talk about watches over coffee. The gang got larger and larger and became the tight-knit community we have today. My first horology moment occurred when I peered into the display caseback of a mechanical watch. Those tiny little springs and gears, they work together with such precision to keep track of what is basically our existence on earth. Our fascination with the elusive and abstract concept of time creates an intimate relationship between man and watches. I began my horological journey and the more I explored, the more I got sucked further into it. Some of the master watchmakers’ undying strive for perfection inspired me even outside of horology. It is without question that watchmaking is an art form. At the same time, it’s also a product of research,development and innovation. A balancing act of artisanal tradition and scientific engineering. The Singapore Watch Club strives to bring together people with the same admiration and curiosity for the art of watchmaking. This passion, need be the only common denominator. As with most forms of art, one man’s meat can be another man’s poison. We cherish all educated opinions, and learn through our confabulations. Ultimately we’re looking to heighten our level of appreciation for watches, sophistication as buyers, and mature together as a community. Watch collecting can be a solo hobby, but it is so much more fun and engaging with like-minded members. We aspire to be a friendly and united community, fuelled not only by passion but also friendship and growth.

The Clubhouse

The Singapore Watch Club’s web portal strives to satisfy the community’s thirst for information. We’ll bring you the latest news, reviews and on-goings in the horological universe. The Club’s activities will also be documented here. This is in line with our vision to disseminate news, ideas and opinions to a wider audience, at a deeper level.

The Forum

When acquiring a new timepiece, we all have our own sets of boxes that we want checked. One attribute that most collectors look out for is resale value. The relationship between resale value and retail performance is direct and evident, the same can be said about the resale market (secondary) and retail market (primary). These 2 markets complement each other at equilibrium. A strong secondary market contributes to a flourishing primary market, instilling confidence in buyers that their timepiece holds undeniable intrinsic value and demand. We strive to bring new efficiency to the market with our forum, a platform for collectors to buy and sell their timepieces. Providing transparency and visibility on secondary market performance, and in turn translating to confidence and strength in the primary market.


I welcome you to explore what The Clubhouse has to offer and I hope you enjoy your stay.
Singapore Watch Club will continue to strive to bring about even more added value content to
all watch enthusiasts.

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Tom Chng