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FS: Website Launch Offer! NEW! 4+5 Watch Winders

Discussion in 'Watch accessories and tools' started by shaneisbadong, Nov 30, 2016.

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    Nov 30, 2016
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    Hi! I'm Shane and I've been in the watch winding business for about 4 years now. I myself am a watch enthusiast. So my products and services are all personal. Not commercial. I'm also still learning to date as the horological world is huge! With that being said! Have a look at some of my products and hit me up if you have any questions!

    I'm happy to announce the launch of my new website after so long at! Selected models are at Black Friday discounts! Check it out for the whole catalog of winders!

    NEW suede interior with in-built battery compartment (for the 4+5)! Best seller since 2012! Beautifully hand-crafted watch winders made of solid wood adorned in sleek black lacquered finish with polished metal trimmings and suede interior!

    Individual 5-speed TPD settings – each rotor can be individually programmed to 5 different TPD settings (650, 750, 850, 1000, 1950) and dual directions (CW, CCW, alternating)

    Compact size – Rotor holder design holds 2 watches that significantly reduces overall size of winder case, allowing more watches to be placed into a smaller space!

    *NEW* Suede Interior – New beautiful black suede interior!

    Memory foam cushion – Versatile designed cushions that fits small to XL sized watches (>47mm) with flexibility to easily be strapped onto and removed

    LED interior light – Low-heat emission LED light which can be switched on and off through a separate switch

    Innovative smart lid sensor technology – sensor detects when you open the lid and automatically stops the motors and starts when the lid is closed back to allow convenient removable of watches!

    Hi-quality Japanese motors – Mabuchi motors used, silent and resilient (comes with 1 year local warranty directly from me)

    5/6/8 static holders – additional slots to house your manual winding watches or accessories (leather bracelets etc)

    *NEW* In-build battery compartment – Built in battery compartment for if you want to store it in places where there is no AC access or even in your safe!

    Friendly and reputable after-sales service – Even after warranty period is over, contact me should you have any issues with the winders and I will assist

    Here is a video to demonstrate the operations of the winder!

    These winders come in 3 sizes
    4 auto + 5 static winder : Now at $270 for a limited time only !(Original $300) Hand delivered to you!
    6 auto + 6 static winder : Now at $320 for a limited time only !(Original $350) Hand delivered to you!
    8 auto + 8 static winder : Now at $370 for a limited time only! (Original $400) Hand delivered to you!

    Interested parties can contact me at +65 9062 2868. Thanks!
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