Singapore Watch Club x Cartier – Special Edition


SINGAPORE, 24 MARCH 2022 — In celebration of the Singapore Watch Club’s sixth anniversary, the horological society has collaborated with Cartier on 18 unique Special Edition timepieces, breaking away from the standard production of a single model.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Tank Cintrée, Tank Asymétrique, Cloche, Santos Dumont, Tonneau, Tank Louis Cartier
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Tonneau, Tank Louis Cartier, Santos Dumont

What makes Cartier’s watchmaking distinctly their own is their timeless and artistic designs. Since the early 20th Century, their timepieces have gained an ardent following. The collectibility of Cartier’s works of art is ascribed to their unmistakable shapes, thus the collection takes inspiration from six of them: Cloche, Tonneau, Santos Dumont, Tank Asymétrique, Tank Cintrée, and Tank Louis Cartier. Together they represent the six years of SWC.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Cloche, Tank Asymétrique, Tank Cintrée



The unifying design element that threads across each piece is a classic Cartier Roman layout, set against a vintage-looking brushed dial. The silver dial and the blue minute track don the Singapore Watch Club’s colours. Peer a little closer and the club’s signature comes into view, which is tucked within the minute track just above the 6 o’clock numeral—a subtle nod to Cartier’s own tradition of hidden qualities. As these timepieces are released as the Singapore Watch Club turns six, the “VI” numeral has been rotated upright, delicately expressing its significance without pageantry.

Hidden signatures
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Black Spinel for Pink Gold, Blue Sapphire for Yellow Gold, Red Ruby for Platinum
Each model will be produced in three different precious metals, each representing a core value of SWC: Pink Gold—Passion, Yellow Gold—Sincerity , Platinum—Humility.

A peek behind the curtains: Our members share their insights and design process of the Singapore Watch Club x Cartier Special Edition.