SWC Limited Edition With Vacheron Constantin

Commemorating SWC’S Eighth Anniversary

The three variants of the ref. 47101 Historiques Chronograph SWC edition.

In a landmark celebration of its eighth anniversary, Singapore Watch Club (SWC) proudly announces a groundbreaking collaboration with the illustrious Vacheron Constantin, the world’s oldest continuously operating watch manufacture. This extraordinary partnership has culminated in the creation of a retrospective limited edition, paying homage to the rich heritage and timeless craftsmanship of the Maison.

The a tiny gold commemorative bridge, hand-engraved with a foral motif with SWC embedded within.

The collaborative project, a collection of fifteen Historiques Chronograph ref. 47101 timepieces, represents a fusion of horological excellence and historical significance. Each of these watches are from the personal collections of SWC members, dates back over three decades to the 1990s era.

All fifteen examples of the SWC edition, from the personal collections of members.


The process involved three pillars of the Geneva manufacture: their restoration workshop, Metiers d’Art workshop, and archival vault.


Following a meticulous process of thoughtful restoration and complete movement overhaul, these iconic timepieces have been lovingly revived to their former glory.

Commemorative Additions

A hallmark of this exclusive collaboration is the addition of a gold commemorative bridge, adorned with the initials of the Singapore Watch Club, meticulously hand-engraved at Vacheron Constantin’s prestigious Métiers d’Art studio.

Furthermore, on the dial side, the central chronograph seconds hand is boldly tipped in red, symbolising the values of universal brotherhood and equality of man, deeply resonating with the Singaporean spirit.

Archival Update

In a nod to the enduring legacy of these timepieces, each of the fifteen pieces will be accompanied by an archival update, documenting the enhancements made in 2023 to these iconic creations from the 1990s.

“In this project, we celebrate not only the rich heritage of classical watchmaking, but also a vibrant community spirit”

– Tom Chng, Founder of SWC

“Watches tell stories, inviting us to travel back in time, to retrace origins and immerse oneself in bygone eras to create and innovate even better.

This specific project reflects Vacheron Constantin’s commitment to the conservation, restoration, transmission, and continuous enrichment of its heritage and traditional skills. It is a testimony to the Maison’s watchmakers know how and commitment in respecting its History.”

– Christian Selmoni, Style and Heritage Director of Vacheron Constantin


Launched in 1991, Reference 47101 from “Les Historiques” collection takes its origin in the 1940’s, being a re-interpretation of the famous reference 4178, certainly one of the most collectible classic Vacheron Constantin chronographs. In 1999, following some minor changes to the movement and its new case with a screwed back, the model evolved into reference 47111.

References 47101 and 47111 were available in yellow gold and platinum, and feature the legendary calibre 1140/1141, which origins date back to 1942, and then has been constantly improved upon ever since. Vacheron Constantin introduced this chronograph movement in 1991, at that time exclusively dedicated to the reference 47101. This is a highly considered manual winding movement with a column wheel and high-quality horizontal clutch as well as hand finishing of all parts including “black mirror” polishing, beveling of the bridges, “Côtes de Genève” decoration on the bridges and circular graining on the plate.

This watch offers exceptional legibility in a retro style harking back to the 1940’s and therefore is intended for collectors of vintage pieces benefiting from recent watchmaking developments.

Each piece comes with a new certificate describing the commemorative additions, and a VC & SWC double signature box

“This retrospective project allows us to celebrate and pay homage to the iconic 47101, well loved by many of the members in Singapore Watch Club. We are thrilled to embrace the enthusiastic spirit of the watch community in our region.”

– Gael Porte, Managing Director of Vacheron Constantin SEAO


Founded in 1755, Vacheron Constantin is the world’s oldest watch Manufacture in continuous production for nearly 270 years, faithfully perpetuating a proud heritage of watchmaking excellence and stylistic sophistication through generations of master craftsmen.

At the pinnacle of Haute Horlogerie and understated elegance, the Maison creates timepieces with unique technical and aesthetic signatures, and an extremely high level of finishing touches. Vacheron Constantin brings to life unparalleled heritage and a spirit of innovation through its collections: Patrimony, Traditionnelle, Métiers d’Art, Overseas, Fiftysix, Historiques and Égérie. It also offers its discerning clientele of connoisseurs the rare opportunity to acquire vintage pieces within the Les Collectionneurs assortment, as well as unique and bespoke timepieces by means of its Les Cabinotiers department.